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It All Began…. Jilleen… is   an   artist   that   finds   her   inspiration   in   her   love   for   the   Lord.   Born   & raised in South Africa, a happy and musical young girl began her journey. At   age   9,   Jilleen   was   given   the   opportunity   to   sing   at   her   Dad’s   church   meeting. This   was   the   start   of   what   she   would   find   to   be   her   absolute   passion!   She   later     recorded that song on her Dad’s album.  Later,   at   age   12,   her   family   were   on   their   way   to   America.   Jilleen   said,   “We traveled   in   ministry   from   church   to   church,   seeing   God   work   miracles   in   Our Lives   and   the   Lives   of   Others.   During   this   time,   I   followed   my   passion   for   Music, Singing    and    Performing.    This    eventually    became    a    much    deeper    &    important purpose in my life….Ministry!”  By   the   time   she’d   reached   her   late   teens,   she   had   already   sung   all   over   the   world and her path was clear…Music & Ministry.
Ministry…. Raised   on   the   road   &   in   meetings   almost   every   night,   she   spent   a   great   deal   of time   in   the   presence   of   the   Lord.   Jilleen   said,   “From   God’s   sweet   presence,   came a   Deep   Love   and   Understanding   of   the   Lord.   My   personal   walk   with   God   developed into   sharing   His   great   love   with   the   world!   All   that   God   had   done   for   me,   for   my family and for others, all that He has for us!” Jilleen has been a part of ministry in many different ways. From   Singing   on   &   Leading   the   Worship   Team,   Performance   Singing,   a   part   of   the organizational   team   for   planning   revival   conferences   for   her   parents   to   Mission trips   to   Thailand   in   1995   &   a   New   Mexico-Mission   to   the   Native   American   Indians   in 1996.      Traveled   extensively   with   TRM   Ministries,   participating   in   ministry   in   USA, Canada,   Germany,   Scotland,   Hong   Kong   and   The   Phillipines.      At   17,   Jilleen   released a   demo   and   in   2000   a   family   member   blessed   her   with   the   opportunity   to   make her   first   album… ”Where   No   One   Goes” ,   which   was   released   in   2001.   She   toured briefly   with   TRM,   Inc.   &   the   support   was   amazing!      In   2002,   Jilleen   married   and she    says,    “We    are    blessed    to    say    that    almost    16    years    later,    we    are    still
A Message From Jilleen…. When   someone   asks   me   what   my   vision   is,   I   say…”I   want   to   show   the   world how   much   God   Loves   them   &   that   He   has   a   plan   for   their   lives”.   Salvation   is for     Eternity,     but     with     Salvation,     comes     the     opportunity     to     have     a Relationship   with   Jesus .   We   CAN    walk   with   God    because   of   what   Jesus    did for us on the Cross at Calvary! For   the   last   16   years,   I   have   walked   an   amazing   journey   with   the   Lord.   I   have had   wonderful   opportunities   to   work   with   many   different   people   in   different positions   outside   of   the   ministry,   giving   me   a   very   “Real”   perspective   on   the lives   of   people   and   what   people   deal   with.   God   has   helped   me   through   some very   difficult   times   and   everything   I   learned   as   a   child   and   teenager,   was   put to   practice.   I   can   say   from   my   Own    Experiences   that   God’s   Word   is   True and   Never   Returns   Void .      I   know   what   it   is   like   to   get   to   a   place   where   you feel   you   cannot   go   on…a   place   of   brokenness   and   pain   and   God   has   been faithful!   As   I’ve   leaned   on   Jesus,   He   has   pulled   me   out   of   every   mess   and given me Joy, Peace and Hope!  God is the reason I Live and Breathe…He is my Everything!
My husband & I are a team, and we travel together, going wherever the Lord sends us. Click Here for More Information!
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